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Empire Safe Company, Inc.

"The Empire strikes back at the burglar, ” professed Richard Krasilovsky, owner of Empire Safe. As the name suggests, this family-run operation develops some of the world’s strongest safes. However, this was not always the case. When Richard’s Ukrainian family opened the business more than a century ago, they focused on machinery moving and rigging, and safes were one of many items that they were asked to move. It was later that they started selling the used safes that they removed from buildings. With time, the family split the company, and Empire Safe was established in 1949 by Richard’s father, Monroe, to specialize in security. Growing up, Richard worked in the shop during summers but never thought he would end up as the next owner. Yet he took over in 1997, and under his watchful eye, Empire Safe has become involved in fascinating new projects. “I’m constantly working on creating more security solutions for my customers. ” His most recent advancement was producing lighter-weight safes that can be installed on upper floors of buildings without requiring structural reinforcement. When gold began trading as a commodity in the late 1970s, the jewelry industry became a major target for burglars. Richard partnered with manufacturers in England and Israel to create higher security safes to protect jewelers’ valuable merchandise. He even scaled down these safes for residential applications. Additionally, Richard helped develop the modular vault room industry, where vaults are made up of small panels that are manufactured in advance and then assembled onsite. These are used by banks, medical marijuana dispensaries, governments, museums, and other institutions across the globe. Overall, Empire Safe has supplied vaults for several hundred companies, including high-profile clients such as Tiffany, Cartier, Harry Winston, Bulgari, and DeBeers. “It’s wonderful to know that our products are well respected by so many. ”